This is only offered by the concessionaire who is regularly trained by us.

November for 1580 euros (33 mm) or in the larger version for 1800 euros (38 mm). "We work in Glashütte, and that used to be in the GDR. For 25 years we have been happy that this is no longer the case – and we are celebrating this with a special edition" says Judith Borowski from the Nomos management. In 1993, Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH emerged as the immediate successor of the state-owned company GUB, and has been producing under the Swatch umbrella since 2000. The premium brand of the GmbH is Glashütte Original. With the patenting of the panorama date, the brand has achieved a coup: The large display is similar to the large date from A. Lange and thus also to the model, the five-minute clock in the Semperoper; thus Glashütte Original also manages to secure its part of interpretation in Saxon history.

Another brand from Glashütte

Another offshoot from GDR times – and yet much older – is Mühle Glashütte. The company was founded in 1868 under the name Robert Mühle & Sohn founded, in the 1920s also manufactured instruments for cars and tanks such as speedometers and tachometers. The facilities for this will be transported to the Soviet Union after the end of the war. The new beginning with pressure and temperature measuring devices as early as 1945; In 1980 the company was incorporated into the aforementioned VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB) – which became Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH. In 1994, Hans-Jürgen Mühle left this GmbH and registers the family business of his ancestors under the name Mühle-Glashütte GmbH nautical instruments and precision mechanics as an independent company again. See historical photos from Glashütte as well as thoughts from the manufacturers on the day the Wall came down in our photo show.

Come with me in autumn "Specter" the next adventure of 007 in theaters. The PR machine is already running at full speed. The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Omega has now announced the model that James Bond is wearing in his new film.

Her Majesty’s secret agent relies on the familiar. 007 actor Daniel Craig’s wrist is adorned with a Seamaster 300 "Specter" Limited edition. Bond has been wearing Omega Seamaster watches for 20 years.

The first Bond watch from Omega was used in 1995

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan wore in 1995 "Golden eye" as the first Bond actor a watch from this model family. According to the manufacturer, the latest watch from James Bond has a stainless steel case with a bidirectional rotating ceramic bezel, which is rounded off by a 12-hour scale made of liquid metal. The black and gray NATO strap on which the watch is worn is both sporty and elegant. Omega has embossed a 007 logo on the strap loop, which is also used for the manufacturer "special eye-catcher" is. The timepiece is powered by the Master Co-Axial Caliber 8400 from Omega, which is particularly insensitive to magnetic fields.

On the back of the case are the logo of the new bond stripe "Specter" as well as the serial number engraved. This should be particularly important for collectors and potential buyers, because only 7007 pieces of the watch will be made, as Omega announced.

Bond watch off "Specter"
Photo series with 5 pictures

Fourth bond for Daniel Craig

The watch is built in the Omega factory in Villeret, Switzerland. By the way, Bond actor Daniel Craig was only recently on site and got an impression of the production of the new model. For Craig, the upcoming Bond film is his fourth appearance as Her Majesty’s Agent. The popular agent series has been around since 1962. Thanks to their technical finesse, the clocks always played a special role in this. Pierce Brosnan’s Seamster featured an integrated laser beam. Another legendary watch from Breitling is in "Fireball" even had a Geiger counter in 1965.

It is not yet known whether the latest watch from Omega will offer a special feature in the upcoming Bond strip. So far, the bond makers have mainly relied on luxury models from Switzerland. Current watch sponsor Omega provides most of the Bond watches followed by Rolex, the last of which was in 1989 "Licence to kill" a model was to be admired. Once a TAG Heuer watch was used. In any case, in five Bond films, 007 focused on quality "Made in Japan" The latest Bond watch will be available in select Omega sales outlets from September. The luxury watch costs 6200 euros. The Omega timepiece for the last Bond film "Skyfall" cost 4800 euros. You can find pictures of the new Bond watch in our photo show.

The watch says something about the personal style of its wearer. In order to find the right timepiece, you need good advice from the concessionaire – and a little background knowledge. In our photo show, we present the new watches from selected manufacturers for 2012.

New watches for 2012 from Geneva
Photo series with 15 pictures

Everything used to be easier. Depending on your denomination, you received a beautiful watch from your godfather for confirmation or communion (according to his taste). And was served with it. Those days are over.

"Besides the wedding ring, our customers consider the watch to be the only piece of jewelry for men"

"Besides the wedding ring, our customers consider the watch to be the only piece of jewelry for men" says master watchmaker Thorsten Koch, deputy head of the Stuttgart branch of Wempe, the largest chain store for watches and jewelry in Germany. He adds: "And they have a very individual lifestyle." Preserving individuality when buying a watch is certainly not a problem today – in view of the more than ten thousand watch models and variants that the market offers.

But on the other hand, this diversity is also difficult. However, the large selection does not have to be a torture. On the contrary. Anyone who has already dealt with the topic before walking through the shop door not only gets information, but has also developed a certain anticipation. As when buying a car, you scroll through brochures, click through the manufacturer’s websites, leaf through trade magazines – and smile quietly to yourself when you’ve discovered something beautiful again.

More watch topics

Quartz watches: the eye-catchers on the wrist Fine watches at a reasonable price Chronograph fever – it depends on the second This celebrity strikes the hour

Where do you buy a watch?

"Preferably from the concessionaire" says Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, who, together with his father and sister, runs the luxury Geneva brand Chopard directs. Not every jeweler carries every brand, because in the industry it is common for manufacturers to issue concessions to dealers and only supply these dealers directly. Scheufele is convinced: "Professional advice and personal support are essential with such a high-quality product. >>

This is only offered by the concessionaire who is regularly trained by us. Only there can and may expect a professional after-sale service." Indeed, if you want to sell a high-quality mechanical watch, you should also have your own workshop where trained watchmakers work.

"The price is certainly an important argument for the customer, but it must never be the decisive one."

Before the watch enthusiast starts buying, he should be clear about two fundamental questions. First: what do I need the watch for? "If the customer wants to wear the watch anytime and anywhere, I will of course not recommend an ultra-flat model with a leather strap, but rather a sporty, waterproof watch with a steel or rubber strap" says Thorsten Koch. The second essential question: How much can or do I want to spend? Cook: "With this information, I can then make an appropriate selection, which I then present to the customer." Jochen Möhrle, owner of Jeweler cutter in Stuttgart, added: "I often add a slightly more expensive watch to the actual selection, because I’ve often seen customers enter the store with a certain asking price that they later significantly exceed."

If he gets the impression that the customer would be better advised with the more expensive model, he recommend oversleeping the decision, because: "The price is certainly an important argument for the customer, but it must never be the decisive one." Nevertheless, the beginner asks: "What do I have to spend at least on a mechanical watch?" Watchmaker Koch defines an entry-level price range of around 500 to 700 euros: "For that you get beautiful, well-made watches." In this price segment you can find German manufacturers and brands such as Nomos, Sinn and Mühle Glashütte, but also Swiss brands Frédérique Constant, Maurice Lacroix and Oris as well as the Swatch Group-Brands Tissot and Longines are represented in this area. >>

Wristwatches for women: 10 fashionable models from classic to chic to give away

Manufactured products from 3,000 euros

"Manufactured products can hardly be expected in this price range" restricts cook. When "Manufactory" Incidentally, a watch manufacturer is only allowed to call itself if it produces at least one of its movements itself. In the entry-level and medium-price segment, the movements usually come from the Swiss manufacturer ETA, who also to Swatch Group heard (which is by no means a flaw). Rather the opposite. ETA has democratized the watch world to a certain extent because it builds reliable Swiss watch movements that enable high quality in an interesting price segment. Even timepieces from well-known brands such as Breitling, IWC and TAG Heuer are from ETA-Hans-Jürgen Mühle, co-owner of the watch manufacturer of the same name in Glashütte, Saxony, puts it succinctly: "You cannot wear a clockwork on your wrist, and you cannot tell the time from it. A good watch consists of much more than just a movement. All components contribute to the quality of a watch, such as the case, dial and straps, to name just the most important." Nevertheless, some watch enthusiasts find it important to wear a timepiece with a manufacture movement. To satisfy this need, the wallet has to be opened wide, as prices in this area have risen dramatically in the recent past. A minimum stake of around 3,000 euros is allowed. For example, you get the "Beginners"-Rolex with date display in a stainless steel case. Or a model from the brand union, that of the classier big sister developments Glashütte Original benefits. A Zenith again, once the bargain among manufacturers, is no longer available for less than 4,000 euros. If you want to move up to the upper class of watches, where you can find brands like A. Long & Sons, Audemars Piguet and Blancpain, Breguet, Girard-Perregaux, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Patek Philippe as well as the top models from Rolex cavort, you usually have to invest five-digit euro amounts – amounts for which some people buy a car. But the watch has two clear advantages over the automobile: You can take it with you anywhere and it usually loses much less of its value; in the best case, it even wins. But that’s a different story … Shopping tip: Mechanical watches in the shop by price range: up to EUR 300 | 300-500 EUR | 500-1,000 EUR | EUR 1,000-2,500

They look good, they are cheap and they almost put an end to the long-serving automatic watches: Quartz watches offer luxury "light" for watch fans who focus on trends and love variety. This is exactly why the market is now almost unmanageable – has made itself smart and shows good quartz models in the photo show.

Quartz watches are the little brothers of the big automatic watches: They are trendy instead of expensive, their design is often much more modern than that of the more conservative chronographs with the pendulum in them.